Tuesday, 1 March 2011

For the (London) Home

Let's stay inside. After all, the weather is miserable and I had to get my gloves back out of the cupboard where I had so optimistically put them already.

Here are some furniture designs that took my fancy, just in case you feel like reinventing your room, your home, well, all sorts of reasons to indulge ...

Humbly called the AP stool, this beautiful piece of furniture was designed by London based Japanese designer Shin Azumi and made out of one single piece of plywood.  Its stackability is an added bonus!  And calling it a Fortune Cookie as did Natalia over at Shoebox Dwelling, where I found it, does describe it particularly well. "Fun and Function" is what Azumi's studio is looking for. I do think they found it here.

This piece of furniture already has a very fitting name, the 'Penguin Donkey 2', designed by British designer Ernest Race in 1963. And I can imagine all sorts of places in my house where it could be put to good use.

I now feel quite inspired and will check out The Modern Danish Warehouse Pop-up-shop this weekend (it runs from the 5th - 20th March in Chelsea/SW3) with Midcentury Danish Furniture, including Vintage School. I have not come across them before, so will let you know soon. I do not hope to find a bargain, especially in this location, but a girl can wish, no?

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  1. There is another stool like the AP stool.
    The Fortune Cookie Stool, first seen in the Tendo Furniture Competition, Japan in 2008.
    Question: Which is the original?