Friday, 11 March 2011

It's Friday

My daughter wants to go to the market at the Duke of York Square this weekend. Yesterday's picture of these yummy macarons have reminded her of the giant version you can get there. This market is less Farmer and more upmarket assembly of delicatessen stalls where you can start with breakfast, have a lovely lunch, finish with tea and take home a few oysters (it's Chelsea after all).

Since the Saatchi Gallery is right next door, we will have a look at the 2nd part of the British Art Now exhibition, which is on till 30. April 2011. Sigrid Holmwood is one of the artists whose work I would like to see. She produces her own paint, following old recipes and expanding on them. I have the feeling, her vibrant colours, already impressive on the web, will be quite extraordinary. (Will keep you posted.)

And there is the exhibition by Slinkachu. I have come across his intriguing photos of miniature-installations before but would love to see the whole story. This Urban Artist puts tiny figures into the most unlikely surroundings of a city, takes a picture and than abandons them.
"It is as easy for us to fall through cracks in the pavement in a big city as it is for the little people". The artist plays with the feeling of loneliness and abandonment, with the fine line between overlooking and ignoring. . I can certainly identify with the feeling but these installations nevertheless also put a smile on my face.
Andipa Gallery is at 'Urban Ocean' till 2nd April 2011.
Have a lovely weekend!

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