Monday, 28 February 2011

London Fashion Week

I have come across so many articles about fashion this last week, obviously, that I am now totally indoctrinated and have to add my own. You can hardly call me an expert, so do not expect any wise words (it is a bit like commenting on wine if you only know how to drink it but  hardly have a clue where or how this specific wine came about). Inspiring it can be even without so many words:
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I happened upon Charlotte Taylor's Spring11 collection only recently and love her choice of colours.
The British designer studied at Central St Martin's, London, and set up on her own in 2009, launching her label at London Fashion Week in February 2010.
For the autumn season she focuses on prints and - a limited wallpaper edition!
found here

Penguins on your bathroom wall? I really enjoy this hint of eccentricity in all her designs.

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