Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Easter Shopping

at Chockywoccydoodah on Carnaby! If you can cope with it (toffee covered marshmallows anyone!!)  … …. I think even the Easter Bunny would probably fall into delirium. It does look amazing.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hide and Show

Brighten up a dull day with the kids. Very much like the idea of an ever changing wardrobe (and so much cheaper ;-))

HIDE || SHOW, a cabinet for kids with drawing board hidden in the doors

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Friday, 15 March 2013


whatever the forecast 

Netball Part I

We are learning about the beautiful game of netball since my daughter took it up 2 years ago. Not played on the continent it was a new ballgame to me, but it is fun to watch and the girls like the tactical and strategical side of it.
Why however netball is considered a winter (outside!) sport, is admittedly beyond me, but maybe I am missing the stiff upper English lip.

Be that as it may, even the Brits have to give in to wintry conditions sometime: the National Tournament on Saturday with 62 teams was cancelled today, due to a forecast of severe winds and rain - the tournament is normally held right next to the sea near Brighton! The girls will be disappointed, though!!

The view from the courts
this is how it would look like on a good day - spectacular!
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Sunday, 10 March 2013


Just in time for Easter: Marbling with Nailpolish - a new take on these crazy nailpolish colours out there. (And great for using all these colours that looked great in the shops but just don't go with anything you have in your wardrobe ;-))
The technique is explained over at Design Mom (thank you so much). There you can find some lovely examples - we are still practising …. but loving it already.

 by greyorgreen

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day