Friday, 18 March 2011

Something for the Weekend

I was going to write about a few exhibitions for this weekend, but this event caught my eye yesterday and I thought I mention it instead. It seems mightily out of place for this time of year but all the better for it:

There is this sunny summer garden you can visit on Sunday at Leather Lane Market - sounds intriguing, doesn't it, especially on this wet Friday afternoon. It will be all about celebrating the bee and to raise awareness of the declining insect population. The Robin Collective will be transforming a derelict shop into a Garden. All things bee related will be on offer, including Honey tasting of course, craft sessions and honey based beer. I would love to check out this eco-system in East London. You can find more information here. And judging by other events this Collective has been involved in it should be quite an inspiring and quirky experience. (The Garden is open till 27th of March)

And did you know that there are quite a few London Beekeepers around these days? And a Campaign for Community Beekeeping here in London?

Have a lovely weekend!

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