Thursday, 3 March 2011

World Book Day

It's World Book Day (well, only in the UK and Ireland that is - the organisers want it to happen during term time to make the most of this opportunity to celebrate books and reading. The rest of the world will celebrate this UNESCO initiative on 23rd April).

It is really quite established over here. Most schools dedicate at least one day to this event, others have a whole book week, including dressing up as your favourite character. Which will proof to be quite a challenge this year. My son was the knight from the lovely book 'The Kiss That Missed' by David Melling for two consecutive years (or was it three?).

He is now adamant to be a Lego Ninja, we just need to find the book that goes with it. Any ideas?

My all-time favourite London book for kids has to be 'This Is London' by Miroslav Sasek. It is quite timeless. As is his book about Britain.

 To keep within the London theme I have found this very interesting book

'Still Open' is about all the traditional shops, that have managed to stay open. One can see it as a guide book with a difference, a lovely photography book, a charming history of London - and just be surprised and happy that these shops still exist!
Thank you Chocoralie for this tip.

And to finish this day, here is my very short list of London Novels. Feel free to add - I am still reading.

Brick Lane by Monica Ali
London Fields by Martin Amis
Saturday by Ian McEwan
Night Watch by Sarah Waters
Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

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