Thursday, 17 March 2011

With Gusto

I love cafes/coffee shops, I love to sit, read, work and watch people go by. My kids have been trained from an early age to come with me and today they are equally enthusiastic (and I am sure that the babychino and the pain au chocolat don't play a role at all).
So, wherever I go, I am usually on a quest to find a friendly, charming little place with good coffee (obviously) and nice people. Oh ja, and nice food is always a bonus! And some newspapers, good music ... well, I better stop here.
Anyway, yesterday I found this little place called Gusto, on the outskirts of Notting Hill and Bayswater, where the council estates collide with the well-off. It is very small, has lovely coffee, offers breakfast and lunch and you could sit outside, if the weather wasn't still so annoyingly cold. A nice find on a freezing Wednesday morning!


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