Monday, 21 March 2011

Caramel and Seasalt

OK, that's it. I need to try this. Now!
Stumbling constantly upon recipe after recipe involving caramel or chocolate with sea salt, I must be by now the last person not to have tried this combination. I think I will go and make some of these myself. You find the recipe here and a conversion table here. So now we are all set. Tempted?

But if you feel less adventurous, go try melt in Notting Hill. They offer these Sea Salt Caramel Bonbons.

I went in there the other day and believe me, the chocolate smell is overwhelming, so much so that even a serious chocoholic might only need to inhale and be satisfied. I bought a few pralines for a friend (and keeping them in a safe till we see him, they are precious). They always have a few samples and you can go, take a wooden tray and choose with leisure, the staff leaves you to it.
Have fun!

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