Friday, 10 June 2011

Open Garden Squares Weekend

Ever walked passed these lovely, but very private Garden Squares in London and felt a bout of "this is so unfair" setting in? Some are like a secret oasis, others look elegant or like fun and even have tennis courts and swings. All that is missing is a key!

This coming weekend, some of these gardens will open to the public all over London and here are some examples:

Hammersmith Sunken Garden
Sunken Garden in Hammersmith

Emery Walker's House
Emery Walker's House W6

Holland House Garden
Holland House Garden 

The Hill Garden and Pergola
The Hill Garden and Pergola NW3
all pictures from OGS website

All the information you need for a wander you will find on the Open Garden Squares Website. Go and discover.

But if you need a bit more exercise and excitement, the World Naked Bike Ride, a peaceful demonstration against oil dependency and car culture, and a symbol of the vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic is coming to London this Saturday!

And if this sounds like an odd combination for a weekend just remember, it's London after all.

Happy Weekend!

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