Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cabin fever

I don't get around London as much as I would like at the moment. We had 2 weeks of sick children (they are falling like flies, succumbing to the tummy bug at school), and because of A level and GCSE exams there is a definite shortage of babysitters. And on top of this and unforeseen circumstances we are missing a secret supper club this Saturday. I was so keen to try out this (well, not so ) latest London craze.

People with a love for cooking and entertaining invite you to their home and cook for you - that's basically it. There are, of course, variations to the theme these days, from highly professional to simple and straight forward, from very expensive to "bring your own wine and a tenner". I was introduced to this concept via The London Foodie, where you can find out more, whilst I have to wait for another opportunity - or start one myself, since I can hardly leave the house or choose my own entertainment because ...

... the next weeks will be dominated by school activities: we will have Parents Suppers and BBQs, Sports Days, Concerts, School Fetes and Plays. So I will at least be able to get my fare share of the good old Pimm's, the ultimate British Summer Drink:

#Pimms o'clock

Take a slice of orange, lemon and cucumber per person, one sprig of mint and add to two parts lemonade to one parts Pimms. Add some ice and enjoy - preferably in the sun whilst pretending to watch the cricket / the string quartet / the other parents / the relay .....

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