Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Love the River

Very, very slowly London is discovering that there is a lovely river flowing right through. Till recently even houses built next to the Thames hardly acknowledged the fact that there was a river and made something of the setting and the view. And when it comes to transport the river is still very undeveloped. There is for example a river boat service from Putney in West London to Blackfriars in the City but really only for early commuters (the morning run has the last boat at 8.00), and for a couple of hours in the evening. East of the city it looks a bit better (check here), but still, it is a shame not to make more out of this water way (I am thinking Stockholm ...) 

eugenia barinova

But maybe the Queen's Diamond Jubilee will shake thing up a bit. Next year, Sunday 3 June 2012, will see 1000 boats (not quite sure if this is a printing error, I thing, they are aiming for it) travelling between Putney and Wandsworth in a procession headed by the Queen's Royal Barge. And you too can register your vessel here. Start building that raft now!

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