Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fish and Chips

Kerbisher & Malt- the recently opened fish and chip shop got very good reviews so far, but sadly the opening hours don't collide with our school pick up. Will have to treat myself at a parent/teacher evening. Should brighten things up!

found here

But there is always the Fishmonger's Kitchen across the street. Not cheap but very friendly guys who can suggest new recipes to you or you can just take their ready made fish curry home! (but beware of the marinated squid, only for someone who really loves garlic, I mean REALLY.)

And to keep the fishy theme going - check out Odeons Lounge cinema at Whiteley's and their new menue.
You will find fish and chips, fried squid and tuna sushi on it - rather sophisticated and a far cry from our usual salty popcorn ....  Food and film, always a good combination in my books.

But do wait till Tuesday :-)

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