Monday, 23 May 2011

School Uniform

I love the school uniform concept - don't get me wrong. Ever since our daughter started agonising over what to where to kindergarten (and she was not a fashion victim by any standard), I saw the wisdom. It was, though, a bit of a learning curve for me, but Pre Prep looks easy in comparison to what is ahead of us, now that our son will be joining an all-boys Prep School.

Lairdsland Primary School Girls' Blazer, Navy

The every-day uniform will hopefully be relatively easy, although there is a tie involved. The different sport outfits for Rugby, Cricket etc.  I am dreading a bit, since these are sports I have either never played nor watched and so has our son (so no help there, at least for a while). So both of us have no idea what and how to wear what and when. We will need a crash course from Daddy, who will probably have to look it up himself again!

The other major part of his new uniform will be The Blazer. I now understand why most schoolboys run around in oversized or very faded looking pieces - they are seriously expensive!! And since 2nd hand is not an option (because they are worn for years and look the part) we will have to splash out and our son will probably run around in a lovely but HUGE blazer for at least a couple of years.

Oh ja, and everything will need a name tag, down to the last sock .... think of me this summer!

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