Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Olympia - London prepares

We recently went on the London Olympics Tickets website (4 hours before the deadline - told you I am terribly organised) and bid for some tickets, mixing major events with lesser known ones to have a good chance of getting a few, we hope. Yesterday we were informed that our credit card will be debited this week, if we are lucky in the ballot, but we will not know which events we will get tickets for till around the end of June. That seems to me a rather weird system ... there is just not enough information about the chances of applicants like us winning (if you can call it that, we are still paying after all).


But still - the excitement is sloooowly building up. There even is a dedicated website about how London prepares, starting this summer with a lot of sports events. Check it out here. The setting for beach volleyball - at Horse Guard Parade- is especially spectacular. And the London - Surrey Cycle Classic will basically test the route for the Olympic event and will pass down the road from us. The only downside is that we have probably left the country for our holidays by then.

P.S. Tickest for these test events will go on sale from May 26 and are available through Ticketmaster.

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