Thursday, 5 May 2011


There might be a flower theme going for the next few posts. I just tackled our garden, or shall I say jungle, to be ready for the warmer season (because I try not to believe that this warmest April on record was our summer), resulting in a much barer look. So I looked up the Chelsea Flower Show which will start on the 24 May for 5 days . But, alas, all tickets seemed to have sold out. 
That is the tricky thing about these major dates on the British Social Calendar - when you finally realise that spring has arrived and you put away your gloves and bed socks to get  ready and organised for spring and summer .. others (with probably much better central heating and organisational skills) have planned ahead well before you have even let go of the last snowball. 
Well, you can always try to get an invitation from one of the sponsors or resort to the new Chelsea iPhone app which actually looks quite interesting (there will also be extensive TV couverage). 

Or ... you wait for the next flower show which will be at Hampton Court from 5 - 10 July (and there are still tickets available).

Or ...  you get inspired by checking out my latest discovery, The Society of Botanical Artists, where I found all these amazing paintings. I had thought that this art form had all but died out with artists like Maria Sibylla Merian who was a naturalist and scientific illustrator. But it luckily seems very much alive!

Colour Mutation - Rosa mutabilis © Susan Christopher-Coulson VPSBA

Going, Going, Gone © Amber Halsall SBA

Winter Quintet © Gael Sellwood SBA

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