Friday, 8 April 2011

Italian Cinema London

Le Quattro Volte
found here 
The coming weekend promises sunshine! What about combining Italian culture with a lovely walk along the Thames? The Italian Cinema London Film Festival is on till Sunday and they show quite a few films at the Riverside Studio near Hammersmith.
Now, you could take the tube to Putney Bridge and walk along the river on the South side, crossing over at Hammersmith Bridge from where you will see the sign for the Studio on the other side already. It should take about a very leisurely hour, and although you won't be passing any ice cream parlours to get you into the mood there are pubs on both ends, next to the rowings clubs either on the Putney side at the beginning of the walk (maybe not such a good idea if you still want to make it to the festival) or when crossing Hammersmith Bridge turning West (just next to the bridge, you cannot miss them). Inbetween there is only beautiful Green! And the path is also good for cycling, by the way.
Have a lovely weekend!

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