Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Green London

I am not always hunting for the colour green here in London, but today was gorgeous and our trip to the Wetland Centre, 10 min from Hammersmith and Putney (with bus connections) did transport us into another world. It will be busy during the holidays, but come early (we arrived at 10 am) and you have a fairly peaceful hour before it gets a bit busier. The walks and hides are lovely, the playground an absolute must for families (a Tip: bring towels for the kids). The restaurant is good value, with a lovely outdoor seating area (beware though, there is some building work still going on, but mainly inside) There is also a little kiosk at the playground in case you need a sugar high.

You don't need to be a bird watcher to enjoy this space and even without trying you will see some amazing flight manoeuvres.

The centre opened just before our daughter was born and we still love to go come rain or shine. They have an indoor viewing platform and infotainment for kids as well, so you do not necessarily have to get wet, but wellies on a rainy day are recommended.

But for now, enjoy the sun, the chicks and the Easter egg-stravaganza

I have to apologies for the quality of the pictures, I only had my iPhone, but I wanted to share.

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