Monday, 11 February 2013

London Under

london under peter ackroyd

Get a flashlight out and join writer Peter Achroyd on his under worldly journey below London. From hidden streams, cat-sized rats to eccentric mole men, he manages to pull his reader into this secret world.
The book "London Under" is entertaining, full of facts you never knew you wanted to know about and short enough to read it on a few tube journeys to work!

And whilst you are digging deep, look out for a new series of work by artist Mark Wallinger on the London Underground called Labyrinth. 10 of the 270 works -  for each of the 270 stations - have so far been unveiled
(I will post some pictures as soon as I stumble across them. In the meantime you can have a look here.)

An amazing addition to the works above is Stephen Walter's London Subterranea, commissioned by the London Transport Museum for the Mind the Map Exhibition in 2012. Watch the artist at work and explaining his approach and thoughts here:

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