Friday, 1 February 2013

It's Friday

And greyorgreen is back! An (admittedly ) very long hibernation has come to an end. So ….

 …. Let's infuse some colour into this very grey and wet Friday.

la jeune fille à la perle
from the series Les Revisités

Some time ago I fell in love with this painting by Gaël Davrinch, a french artist whose series Les Revisités is inspired by the great masters (here Vermeer). His paintings are part homage, part flirtation, part irreverence. I don't think he is coming to London soon, but if you happen to be in Shanghai ….

Or get your own inspiration at the National Portrait Gallery this weekend.

Vermeer himself will be the subject of an exhibition this summer at the gallery: Vermeer and Music - the Art of Love and Leisure. Sounds promising!

Have a lovely weekend!

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