Friday, 4 May 2012

For the Diary

London can be overwhelming - the amount of amazing art, culture and sport events is huge on a normal day, but with the Olympics looming: who can keep up (in a good way) ?

I thought I start collecting some dates for my diary, hugely personal but hopefully you find something of interest for you, too. Might be worth browsing a bit over the coming long weekend since the forecast is miserable ...

Should the sun come out - The Walled Garden at Fulham Palace has reopened - it used to be quite an overgrown but lovely former kitchen garden at the end of the Park - I am looking forward to see it in its former glory. And the Cafe is definitely worth a visit!

Till 23. May The Flying Duchman at the ENO - because I love the theme

25. May The Caught by the River Variety Show is a spin off by the nature and culture website Caught by the River, an intriguing combination of fishing, music, bird watching, poetry, writing and gardening .... 

Check out Rivertones 1, a mix of words by Dylan Thomas, spoken by Richard Burton and studio sounds of King Tubby, I found on their website!

5. July 2012 A story to tell : Past and future dreams for East London by artists, architects, residents and of course politicians

found here

Have a lovely weekend!

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