Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show

Here are two of the gardens that impressed me most:

Quiet Time
Korean DMZ Forbidden Garden
by Jihae Hwang

DMZ stand for Korean Demilitarised Zone - the garden wants to show how nature manages to thrive in an area once fought over and destroyed. It symbolises the history, suffering and hope and ongoing conflict with  plants in abundance, a memorial bench made out of dog tags, bottles with messages to family and friends on the other side, hanging from the fence, a rose next to a bullet and the omni-present watch tower, protecting or threatening? I could not make up my mind about that.

Satoyama Life
by Kazuyuki Ishihara

The designer was inspired by the simple life of people in the Satoyama, living in harmony with nature. I just loved the soft feel of the little garden. Very inviting, but honouring nature with restraining her ever so lightly and with the utmost respect.

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