Friday, 2 September 2011

Floral Art

I would love to bottle some summer

Bottle Flower

This bottel flower is by Makoto Azuma - quite disturbing though, since the flowers are stunning to look at but dead! 

Apart from his floral artwork Azuma also has a conceptual flower shop (if you can call it that ), Jardin des Fleurs, in Tokyo. After looking at some of his work I went to find some inspirational florists in London and came across Jane Packer - very upmarket. Wild at Heart is another well known London institution. But overall I am not very successful coming up with nice flower shops I have to admit. Any suggestions? I will go and find some more around town to lighten up the coming months.

But for a Do It Yourself approach there is always Columbia Road where on Sunday the street turns into a huge flower market. And it is one of a few streets in the UK with nearly only independent shops (check it out here.) Quite tempting!

On the other side of town you can get inspired at Petersham Nurseries near Richmond Park - or just enjoy their cooking or lovely brunch at weekends.

Have a great weekend!

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