Monday, 23 April 2012

Flat or House?

Recently I find myself thinking that flat living might be the thing for us. At the moment we live in a rented house with a bit of a garden (a luxury in London - I know). Apart from the house prices which will obviously affect any kind of decision should we ever want to buy and having looked around I do think a big flat would be rather nice. However, and as I have mentioned before, family friendly most of them are not. I am hankering after a Parisian or Berlin style flat, maybe a bit like these here:


found here 


found here

London flats have charm of course, but I discovered that square living is so much nicer than rectangular flats, which you can find a lot of in London - long and narrow hallways are just not my thing, but I am sure the perfect space is somewhere out there !!

London flat

found here

P.S. If you are like me and like to look around other peoples houses, check out which interviews interesting people in their apartments in more and more major cities around the globe.

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