Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cookies ...


Yep, it's time to start baking - a pastime during Advent (or before for those you cannot wait!) in German speaking countries. Families will come back to old favorites and family receipts. We have friends who easily bake around 10 different types and give them away as presents (if the kids don't raid the larder, that is). We started baking last weekend, but then again, pre Christmas activities are in full flow. The first Bazaar took place today, one more to go and then there will be 3 Christmas carol concerts, two nativity plays, , Slava's Snow Show (very poetic, dreamlike and white ) and hopefully some mulled wine.

P.S. Here is the receipt for the above cookies. With the dark and light dough you can invent all sorts of shapes and forms .... great for kids!

Schwarz Weiss Gebaeck

375 g flour
175 g sugar
1 Ts Vanilla essence

250 g butter, soft

knead it all together
divide the dough in two

add 2 Tbls cacao 
2 Tbls sugar 
1 Tsp milk
and put both parts in the fridge for at least 30 min

Then you can roll out the two parts, lay them on top of each other, roll to make a sausage and cut into 5mm thick pieces, or go and be inventive! (a chessboard maybe, for Grandpa?). In the oven at 200C, ca. 8-10 min. Enjoy!

Slava's Snow Show

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